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Brow Ptosis (Droopy Eyebrow)

Brow ptosis – or droopy eyebrow – is a condition in which one or both eyebrows are lower than expected. The lowering of the brow is a common sign of ageing and often leads patients to feel that they look tired, concerned, or worn out.

At Face Restoration, we can talk you through all of the available surgical and non-surgical treatments for a naturally rejuvenated appearance.



The appearance of brow ptosis can lead to other complications such as watery eyes, hooded eyelids, and eyebrow shape changes that lead to facial asymmetry.

Brow Ptosis symptoms can vary depending on your age and stage of muscle deterioration.

  • In the early stages, you may notice you are looking more tired than you used to or that your eyebrows have less of an arc than they used to.
  • As ptosis progresses, you may feel you have excess skin on the eyelids that needs removing.
  • In more severe cases, you may notice a disturbance in your peripheral vision or difficulty reading and driving. Some patients note that they can see their eyelashes in their central vision.

As with all of our treatments, our focus is to help you reach your desired goals ethically. We have a range of remedies available to suit your needs and desired outcomes. We use the Scars-less™️ programme for faster healing times and decreased scarring to better your treatment outcomes.

What causes brow ptosis?


There are numerous reasons that brow ptosis can occur. Generally, ptosis is caused by the natural ageing process and loss of tone in the skin and facial muscles, but it is not limited to age. Incorrect or overuse of botulinum toxin can cause temporary brow ptosis that can be treated.

What are the signs of brow ptosis?


Before the ageing process takes hold, in female patients, the eyebrows should rest just above the orbital ridge (the ridge above the eye socket). In males, the eyebrow naturally sits slightly lower. If the brow sits lower than the natural position, this is a good indication that treatment for ptosis may be an option. 

The first signs of brow ptosis are found on the side nearest the temples. This is due to the muscles in the temporal area being weaker than those in the middle of the forehead. 

Brow Ptosis vs. Hooded Eyelids


Many patients believe they require a blepharoplasty because of hooded eyes; however, this may be caused by brow ptosis rather than anything wrong with the eyelid itself.

When the eyebrow sits in a suboptimal position, the skin and muscles surrounding the eye become crowded and reposition themselves, leading to the appearance of hooded eyes.

At Face Restoration, we work with you through a comprehensive examination to determine the clinical cause of your concern and develop a bespoke treatment plan that meets your desired goals.

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