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Facial Volume Loss & Hollowing of face/temples

Many of our patients at FaceRestoration come to us looking for solutions for volume loss.  As surgeons we are adept at both surgical and non-surgical options for volume replacement, and able to provide a combined and personalised approach, in our Harley Street and Cambridge locations.

The first signs of volume loss are visible around your eyes giving a tired, aged look even at an early age.  As oculoplastic surgeons, we specialise in the restoration of the delicate periocular area combining artistry with expertise.



Your face in your 20s

Facial ageing starts in our mid-twenties, with very early signs of loss of volume and plumpness of the skin and ‘dynamic wrinkles’, the lines and creases related to movement of muscles under the skin. Excessive sun exposure, squinting and VDU use can speed up the process and is particularly noticeable around the eyes. Women may start to see the changes in young to middle age.

Your face in your 30s

By your 30s, the skin may look less radiant and both the ‘11’ lines (frown lines) and nasolabial lines around the mouth will appear and deepen due to continued collagen loss, elasticity and plumpness of the skin and underlying structures. First signs of volume loss may be seen around the eyes, with tear trough hollows below the eyelids.

​​Your face in your 40s

The continued effects of gravity, loss of collagen, fat and muscle pull results in the structures over the cheekbones, below the eyelids and in the lower face and neck to sag. The facial bones begin to resorb with bone ageing in the orbit (eye socket) and midface. As the bones give way, the muscles follow behind, losing their volume, strength and elasticity. The cheeks appear flatter, the lower eyelids lose the smooth transition to the cheek, tear troughs and the nasolabial folds appear deeper. This all leads to a tired and saggy appearance. Volume loss in the temples is often missed and can be very ageing.

Your face in your 50s and 60s+

By your mid 50s, the effects of ageing and gravity become more apparent. The evenly distributed pockets of fat of youth, that plump your forehead, temples, cheeks, around the eyes and mouth continue to drift downwards, resulting in more hollows and hills on the contour of the face. The fat clumps around your chin, jaw and neck, seen as jowls and bagging around the chin. Fat loss in the skin makes it look thinner and more translucent, which can create discoloration as blood vessels just below the surface become more prominent.

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