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Laughter Lines & Crow’s feet

Treatment for Crow’s feet is one of the most popular treatments for restoration at our clinics in Harley Street, London and Cambridge.

Crow’s feet or laughter lines (lateral canthal lines) are expression lines that radiate from the outer corner of your eyes as you smile or squint. These lines add to the character and expressed emotions of the eye and eyelid area, and are dynamic lines during facial expression. Once present at rest as static lines, they can detract from the beauty or youthfulness of the eyes.



Laughter lines are formed by the contraction of the circular muscle that surrounds our eyes. As we age, our skin loses collagen, hydration, elasticity and support. The eyelid skin, in-particular being the thinnest in the body, often shows the earliest signs of ageing, and it is the combination of this loss of elasticity of the skin and contraction of the underlying muscle that contributes to the formation of these lines. Laughter lines become more prominent with age, if you smoke and if you have been overexposed to the sun.

Our Consultant surgeons are trainers for Allergan Aesthetics, the market leader in the production BotoxTM, Juvederm dermal fillers, and fat dissolving injections, so you will have the added benefit of the highest quality and most innovative products as well as their expertise and experience. Contact us at FaceRestoration today and we would be pleased to advise you!

What injectable treatments are available?

Several options are available for treatment depending on your desired outcome and the depth of the lines. BoNTA neurotoxin, Botox™️ or ‘muscle relaxing’ injections are one of the best treatments for laughter lines to gently relax them.

Are there any non-injectable treatments for Laughter lines & Crow’s feet?

Skin treatments can enhance the effect or be used as an alternative. These treatments can be combined to provide subtle, natural rejuvenation and delay progression of the lines.Other treatment options include medical grade skin care, skin boosting hyaluronic acid and fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing to produce optimal results. As oculoplastic surgeons, FaceRestoration’s Consultant surgeons specialise in this area, and can discuss all the options with you in our Harley Street, London or Cambridge clinic.Contact us at FaceRestoration today and we would be pleased to advise you!

What is the best Laughter lines & Crow’s feet treatment?

The best treatment for your condition depends on numerous factors including your skin condition and age. As part of your consultation we will advise all of the treatments and combinations in a bespoke management plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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