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Male Aesthetics

As a man, your face will age differently from a woman and at a different rate, particularly around the eye area.

Certain features are accepted as more masculine, such as a wider more defined jawline, and lower flatter eyebrows, but ageing changes here may be more noticeable early on than in females.

At FaceRestoration, our Consultant surgeons offer a diverse male and female perspective, understand the male aesthetic, teach on the difference in anatomy and ageing, and are adept at providing surgical and non-surgical options to achieve the desired outcome. Natural restoration, without overcorrection and respecting the gender differences to avoid feminising a male face.



In recent years the male grooming industry has swiftly extended into non-surgical aesthetics, with the popularity of filler and botulinum toxin treatments for men rising. We all now know that injectables do not mean big lips and an expressionless forehead, aesthetics has advanced significantly and is a honed art form to enhance features, add definition and create alignment. For men this may mean reducing signs of ageing, contouring the face or enhancing masculine features.

It is an improved understanding of this process of ageing – and the loss of tension leading to a loss of tensegrity (integrity through tension) – that has allowed novel and less traumatic treatments to develop for our patients at FaceRestoration. Modern surgery and non-surgical interventions aim to reposition and tighten structures that have moved or stretched, whilst avoiding those that have not been disturbed.

What are the first signs of ageing in men?

There are many common lumps and bumps found around the eye, and reassuringly, most are not cause for concern. Most lumps and swellings around the eyes are cysts, minor infections or skin tags, some of which we have listed below:

  • Chalazion
  • Cysts
  • Xanthelasma
  • Skin tags
  • Carcinoma / Cancerous Lesion

When does the natural ageing process start in men?


As a man, you will lose collagen and a constant rate from your 20’s, whilst in a woman this is noticeably greater after menopause. With loss of plumpness from receding underlying bone and muscle movements you will develop deeper lines and wrinkles than a female, seen between the eyebrows as frown lines and as crows’ feet around the outer eyelid area. Your eyebrows will be flatter than a female and tend to lie below the rim of the eye socket. With age the brows drop further and this can result in hooding of the upper eyelid skin. The septum, a thin cellophane-like sheet that holds your orbital fat, cushioning your eyes back, weakens allowing fat to prolapse forwards and down into the lower eyelid creating dark circles and shadows. The muscles become loose as do the ligaments and tendons supporting the tissues.

What male aesthetic treatments are available for Forehead lines, frown lines & wrinkles?


Wrinkles are a natural but inevitable consequence of the ageing process, for example a deep frown line is very common (especially if there have been years of computer use and continuous squinting). Wrinkles around the eyes are the earliest to appear and one of the most common presentations to FaceRestoration’s oculoplastic surgeons. Several treatment options are available depending on the desired outcome and depth of the lines. BoNTA neurotoxin, Botox or ‘muscle relaxing’ injections are one of the best treatments for frown and forehead lines. Skin treatments can enhance the effect or be used as an alternative.

What male aesthetic treatments are available for Double Chin & Jawline Definition?

A double chin describes extra fat under the chin or jawline. Although it is often caused by weight gain, it can be associated with weight loss and loose skin as well as genetics.

Dermal filler injections can help to lift and improve definition to the jawline to make the double chin less noticeable. Juvederm Volux and HArmoniCa are the latest generations of hyaluronic acid filler that can offer significant improvement in the definition of the jawline. Novel fat dissolving injectable treatments have shown significant improvement in reducing stubborn pockets of submental fat. Radiofrequency with Morpheus 8 can also be an option for gentle improvement in the jawline and lift for those wanting to avoid injectable treatments. 

What male aesthetic treatments are available for Dark Under Eye Circles?


The stress of everyday life and effects of ageing can lead to tired, overworked complexions and hollowness under the eyes. Carefully placed dermal filler can be used to restore this area, achieving a rejuvenated, refreshed appearance. As oculoplastic surgeons, specialise in the assessment and restoration of the delicate periocular area combining artistry with expertise. Surgical options allow a more permanent solution particularly around the eyelid-cheek junction when there is prolapse of fat in the eyelids that cannot be addressed with non-surgical treatments.

What is skin carcinoma?

The vast majority of lumps and bumps are entirely harmless. However, there are some occasions that we do see a carcinoma (cancer). The most common one we see is Basal Cell Carcinoma. 

At FaceRestoration, we aim to achieve same-day removal for a better prognosis and peace of mind.

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