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Sagging Skin & Signs of Ageing & Crepey skin

Many of our patients at FaceRestoration come to us looking for solutions for signs of ageing which will often first present around the eye area. As surgeons and aesthetic artisans, we are adept at both surgical and non-surgical options, and able to provide a combined and bespoke approach, in our Harley Street and Cambridge locations.



Sagging Skin & Signs of ageing

Facial ageing starts in your mid-twenties, with very early signs of skin ageing around the eyes as ‘dynamic wrinkles’, related to movement of muscles under the skin.

By your 30s, the skin may look less radiant and both the ‘11’ lines (frown lines) and nasolabial lines around the mouth will appear and deepen.

As you continue to age your skin loses collagen, hydration, elasticity and support. The eyelid skin, in-particular is the thinnest in the body and often shows the earliest signs of sagging. In the upper eyelid, this dermatochalasis leads to hooding, and in the lower eyelids, to eye bags.

Facial fat remains evenly distributed throughout your youth, but beginning in your mid-40s, facial fat starts to lose volume and also drifts downward with gravity. Skin that was smooth and tight becomes loose and sagging.

The facial bones also begin to resorb in the orbit (eye socket) and midface. As the bones give way, the muscles follow, losing their volume, strength and elasticity. The cheeks appear flatter, the lower eyelids lose the smooth transition to the cheek and eye bags become more prominent, with fat prolapsing into the bags. The chin and jaw are also no match for the perfect storm of ageing. As fat drifts down form the rest of your face, it gathers under your chin and along your jaw, there is less collagen and elastin to keep the skin taut. At the same time the neck muscles begin to sag and drag the skin down with it, resulting in double chins and jowling.

What is Crepey Skin and why does it occur?

As skin ages, is exposed to sun damage, or dermal filler dissolving it can have a crepey appearance. Crepey skin has a thin, wrinkled surface resembling crepe paper. It also demonstrates a loss of elasticity, if stretched, it does not return to its normal tone as quickly as the skin would in youth.

How do you treat sagging skin and crepey skin?

Skin boosters (volite, profhilo), collagen boosters (HArmonyCA), Hyaluronic Acid fillers, non ablative ResurFx laser with and without exosome delivery of medical grade skin care.

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