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Face Restoration Questions and Answers

Dr Jonathan Roos and Dr Rachna Murthy specialise in diseases of the eyes, eyelids and facial aesthetics. They answer your most asked questions.


We do everything that focuses on the eye area and non-surgical treatments for the whole face that include toxins, fillers and skincare.

Different things have different risks. The toxin treatments we do for wrinkles and for lifting the face, wear off after three to four months so the risks are minimal. With the fillers, we’re extremely experienced with it,  in fact, Rachna sits on the International Advisory board for complications and so knows how to deal with just about anything.

So we’ve invested a lot of money into something called the Optilite IPL and it allows us to treat rosacea dry eye blepharitis. A lot of people suffer from watery eyes and dry eyes. We have an effective treatment for it which can make you drop free.

With every consultation, we offer a complimentary skin analysis and then we’re able to prescribe medical-grade skincare that’s directed towards your individual skin.

So we’ve been doing this for many years now and we learn from every patient we have gotten downtime down to the absolute minimum. We hardly bruise our patients so they have minimal swelling and we have lots of secret tricks to achieve that.

I mean blue light resets your circadian rhythm and can make falling asleep difficult.

We all have a colony of bacteria and viruses that live within our gut on our skin on our eyelids and if the microbiome is upset by antibiotics or the environment or anything that we do pollution then it can cause inflammation and we don’t like inflammation because that causes aging and we have the perfect treatments for microbiome resetting.

You know we all have dark under-eye circles. even babies have dark under-eye circles and there are multiple things that it can be caused by. It can be caused by the skin, the pigmentation, and the Contour changes so when we age everything starts to Sag and then we see this rim of the eye socket much more. It can be due to very thin skin in this area so you can see the blood vessels underneath and we have different approaches for the individual.

We start from the beginning we start with skincare and as people get older if there’s hooding and wrinkles then we may think about surgery, but it’s a it’s a discussion it’s a discussion that we have with you and decide what’s appropriate.

Absolutely not! We’ve perfected recovery to keep it less than a week to just a few days.

Well, nothing ever that is surgical will not hurt at all but we have lots of little tricks up our Sleeve to make it as painless as possible.

Surgery can cause bruising, but we’ve worked very hard and meticulously to minimize the bruising. I think we probably get the least bruising possible with our surgery.

We don’t create duck lips we make you look fresh and classy the way you did when you were younger. It’s not about changing you it’s about restoring you and that’s why we called our Clinic face restoration because it’s about getting you back to your best self.

No, you’re not going to look done you’re going to look like a better version of yourself.

We do all of our surgery under local anaesthetic.

No, you don’t have to stay overnight. If it’s surgery the operation takes anything between an hour for both upper eyelids to an hour and a half for all four eyelids. If it’s not surgical, it’s a non-surgical injectable tree movement, then it’s in the office and it’s done in 15 minutes.

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