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Patient Journey

Our Mission: Listen, Care, Cure & Reassure. Our Promise: Two experienced Consultant Surgeons working seamlessly together, to look after you as we would our family.

Journey Hero

Research shows that well-functioning teams perform to a higher standard

and diverse teams even more so.

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FaceRestoration is unique in that we work seamlessly as a diverse two-consultant team, combining our over three decades of NHS expertise and offering different perspectives in every consultation and treatment. We are surgical and aesthetic trainers able to look after complex disease and provide key opinions for aesthetic complications.

We are welcoming, compassionate and will listen. We believe that having two clinicians is less intimidating than speaking to a single doctor and offers you a greater opportunity to question, discuss different approaches and be heard.

Our clinical approach is to be ever vigilant for signs of disease whilst ensuring you benefit from the latest evidence and technologies (including those not available on the NHS.) This includes our patented product – Purifeyes™ – and the Scars-Less™ programme for reducing scarring.

Our aesthetic ethos is to restore, rejuvenate and refresh to achieve natural looking outcomes – all key aspects of the Harmoneyes™ approach.

Having a team of clinicians at your service doubles your safety, experience available and attention provided to you in a calm environment.

Restore. Rejuvenate. Refresh.

Our Guarantees

  1. We will never compromise on safety
  2. We will always listen and recognise your needs
  3. We will treat you as we would our own family
  4. We will use the latest and best evidence
  5. We will work with you to deliver the best outcome
  6. Most importantly, we will look after you