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Surgical revision

Most surgical treatments are typically a straightforward, routine procedure, but on rare occasions we are approached by patients where surgery has not achieved the desired results. For patients who had high expectations of success after surgery, unfavourable results can be both physically and psychologically traumatic.

At Face Restoration, we understand, and our ophthalmic surgeons have a proven track record of performing successful revision surgeries, identifying the problem from a clinical perspective and using their empathy and expertise to correct it.

At a Glance



Local anesthetic, sedation or general anaesthesia.


Revision surgery will have longer recovery, expect downtime to be twice the primary surgery.


Often combined with IPL & medical grade skincare for optimal results.


Previous scarring from plasma and filler related complications may have less predictable results.

Why Face Restoration?


You’ll receive an extensive examination of your concerns with two leading ophthalmic surgeons at our luxury London clinics, meaning you already have a “build-in” second opinion for your treatment management.

Treatment will depend on the nature and severity of your condition. We will likely offer either a revision of the original surgery or a new treatment plan to address new symptoms and restore function and aesthetics.

When can I have revision surgery?

We recommend waiting at least six months before revisions following previous surgery. In some cases, swelling and recovery (especially around the eyes) can take several months.

What treatments/revisions are used?

Every revision surgery procedure is tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Our primary focus is on ethical restoration and rehabilitation using revision surgery and the Scars-Less™️ programme to improve eyelid position, scar revision, and volume restoration.

Since the effects of the previous eye or facial surgery can vary, we recommend a personalised consultation with our specialists to assess your individual needs and discuss the bespoke treatment plan available to restore your eye health and vision.

What are the most common reasons for revision surgery?

We see and treat an array of conditions that lead patients to us. Amongst the most common are:

Scarring from previous surgery

As ophthalmic specialists, we understand how sensitive skin can be. When the skin heals following surgery, it sometimes leads to visible, bumpy scarring. If this is the case, you may be a candidate for our experts for scar revision surgery and Scars-less™️ ️ programme. The Scars-less™️ programme is proven to have substantial benefits, including improved healing times and significantly reduced scarring.

Under corrected Surgery

Occasionally we see patients who have undergone surgery that did not achieve the desired results meaning they still have the original concerns unresolved.

Over corrected Surgery

Facial anatomy is very delicately balanced. Occasionally we see patients that have had surgery whereby an excess of body tissue has been removed, leaving patients with discomfort and underwhelming results.

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