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Entropion (Turned In Eyelids)

Both Entropion and Ectropion are conditions that affect the eyelids. Entropion is a condition whereby the eyelids are turned inwards, causing the eyelashes to rub against the cornea.

We understand the discomfort, irritation and potential consequences of entropion. At FaceRestoration, we repair and restore for better function and comfort.



Poorly positioned eyelids can lead to irritation, tearing, and even damage to the surface of the eye. We understand how uncomfortable this can be. Below, we’ve listed the common symptoms of entropion.

Symptoms of entropion:

  • An excessive amount of tears
  • Mucus discharge
  • Itching and irritation of the ocular surface
  • Vision impairment
  • Intense redness
  • Wind and light sensitivity

The treatment for Entropion is entirely dependent on your individual circumstances.

After an initial consultation and thorough discussion with our renowned oculoplastic surgeons, you will receive a bespoke management plan aimed at alleviating your symptoms.

What is entropion?

During Entropion, the lower eyelid and eyelashes turn inward, rubbing against the cornea and conjunctiva. It can cause corneal scarring and severe ocular surface irritation. Surgery is generally recommended to correct Entropion since corneal scarring may result in vision loss.

What causes entropion?

The tissues holding the lower eyelids in place loosen as we age. This can happen due to trauma, surgery, medication side effects, and certain medical conditions, including sleep apnea, skin cancer, and Bell’s palsy. It can worsen with rubbing, smoking, and sleeping on your side or face. As a result, the eyelid may droop, turn outward (called Ectropion) or turn inward (called Entropion) toward the eye.

What happens if entropion is left untreated?

Like all eye related problems, entropion is not a condition that you should ignore. Leaving entropion untreated may result in permanent damage to the eye itself. If you’re suffering from light sensitivity, rapidly increasing redness in the eye, or visual disturbances please consult a doctor as soon as possible, as these are signs of damage to the eye.

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