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Jawline & Jowls & Double Chin

At FaceRestoration, this is one of the most common conditions that we see across all age groups.  A double chin describes extra fat under the chin or jawline.  Although it is often caused by weight gain, it can be associated with weight loss and loose skin as well as genetics.

As surgeons we are adept at both surgical and non-surgical options and able to provide a combined and personalised approach, in our Harley Street and Cambridge locations.



As we age or through certain illnesses such as an underactive thyroid, or significant weight gain, our jawline can sag and develop extra fat deposition. Exercise and diet can help with weight loss, however this does not always result in loss of the submental fat under the chin and jawline. With age, the effects of gravity, loss of collagen and elasticity results in the structures over the cheekbones, below the eyelids and in the lower face to sag.

Our Consultant surgeons are trainers for Allergan Aesthetics, the market leader in the production BotoxTM, Juvederm dermal fillers, and fat dissolving injections, so you will have the added benefit of the highest quality and most innovative products as well as their expertise and experience. Contact us at FaceRestoration today and we would be pleased to advise you!

Can dermal fillers help with Jawline, Jowls & Double Chin?

The most common cause of Facial palsy is a Bell’s palsy, which is idiopathic, meaning that no conclusive cause has been found.

Viral infections may be an underlying cause of Bell’s palsy, when this is due to the chicken pox virus, this is called Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Surgical damage can occur to the nerve during surgical removal of tumours that lie in the pathway of the facial nerve, such as an acoustic neuroma or tumours of the parotid gland in front of the ear. The nerve may also be damaged as a result of trauma, and due to birth trauma with forceps delivery.

Stroke may also cause a face drop but this is usually not due to damage to the facial nerve but due to brain damage resulting in messages not reaching the facial nerve.

Following facial palsy to one side, the other side muscles can over act and become more bulky, causing further asymmetry. Early intervention can help to minimise this.

Occasionally rewiring and miswiring of the nerves can result in unexpected conditions like crocodile tears, watering of the eyes when moving the jaw or eating, and blepharospasm. This is involuntary blinking or spasm of the eyelids and can be very disabling.

How does BoNTA Neurotoxin help with Jawline, Jowls & Double Chin?

Are there any non-injectable treatments for Jawline, Jowls & Double Chin?

Can Jawline, Jowls & Double Chin fat be caused by a medical condition?

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