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Nose Enhancements

A bump on the nose may be undesirable for you resulting in emotional distress or lack of self-esteem. The bump on the bridge or a misshapen nose may be as a result of your genetic makeup or due to previous trauma.

This may affect how you view and hold your face in photos to avoid showing your side profile.

At FaceRestoration, we use 3D imaging to objectively assess proportions to decide on the best approach for treatment.



A dorsal bump on the bridge of the nose, also known as a Roman nose is usually an inherited feature from your parents. This can be bone or cartilage or both. With growth of the face, the facial bones continue to grow and a bump may become more prominent with development.

Following an injury that involves the bones of the nose, calcium deposits and bone growth in the injured area can result in a new dorsal bump or a more pronounced existing bump.

The nose is an important feature of your face. The blood supply is connected to blood vessels supplying the eye and vision and this is a high risk area for treatment. It is important therefore to see an experienced injector who is comfortable with the anatomy and able to carry out a safe effective aesthetic improvement for you.

Our surgeons at FaceRestoration teach other medical practitioners the anatomy and how to inject safely to the nose in their training academy.

We can recommend options to improve your facial profile as well as the dorsal bump with the safe use of dermal filler.

Contact us at FaceRestoration today and we would be pleased to guide you.

How long is the down time following Nose Enhancement?


With the advent of soft tissue filler, non-surgical nose enhancement (no-knife nose job) is possible in clinic with a minimally invasive procedure and no downtime that can last for 12 months or longer depending on the individual. It is also a good way of seeing how a nose may look prior to considering surgical rhinoplasty (surgical nose job).

How does nose enhancement work?


With the use of a small amount of hyaluronic acid filler to the bridge and tip of the nose, it is possible to improve the appearance of the bump. Where a bump is more noticeable due to changes with ageing changes to the rest of the face, assessment of the facial profile and treatment away from the nose can improve the appearance of the bump and make a wide bridge and nose appear slimmer.

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