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Thin Lips

Whether you are male or female, your lips may always have been thin, asymmetrical, or have thinned with time, losing their full, plump, hydrated look. The result is that the lips can look dry and start to develop lines around them. With age, the corners of the mouth can also sag making you look sad, even when you are not.

At FaceRestoration we are able to offer non-surgical options for the restoration and enhancement of your lips and the area around them, giving you balanced proportions and natural looking lips.



The area around the lips (perioral area) is the second most common area to show signs of ageing after the eye (peri-ocular) area.

As we age, our skin loses collagen, hydration, elasticity and support. Movement of the muscles under the increasingly less supple skin can result in the formation of fine lines and deeper wrinkles. We also lose hyaluronic acid which holds water in the skin and tissues of the lips. The moist, dewy, plump appearance of youth then gives way to dry, flaky and thin lips.

Ageing around the lips can result in perioral lines, which may be particularly noticeable if you are a smoker and with cumulative sun exposure. Another key ageing change is the downward movement of the midface, fat and muscle as well as skin, that can result in the formation deeper folds, marionette lines (vertical lines from the corner of the mouth to the jaw), and sagging of the corners of the mouth, making already thinned lips look thinner.

Loss of support to the body of the lips can also occur with resorption of the jaw bones and receding chin and dentition.

What treatments are available for thin lips and lip lines?

Several treatment options are available depending on the effect and desired outcome. Effective treatment with hyaluronic acid skin boosters, dermal fillers, topical skin care and the judicious use of BoNTA can restore and hydrate, support and volumise naturally to avoid an overdone look.VISIA skin analysis and 3D Vectra imaging allows us to assess the underlying areas of volume loss and balance proportions with the use of the right products in the right place.Contact us at FaceRestoration today and we would be pleased to advise you!

Are dermal fillers safe?

Years of clinical research say that dermal fillers are safe. However, they are unregulated in the UK. It is most important that you receive treatment from a qualified medical professional.Our consultant surgeons are skilled at offering dermal fillers and teach other medical professionals in the safe usage of dermal fillers.

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